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Fine custom framing solutions

A more custom solution that caters with charm to your needs. In the same store successfully for 20 years, she has been doing the remarkable for those interested in the best solutions to complex framing or just selecting a ready-made frame.

Ika's own unique fashion and style is reflected in her framing. Delightful and charming is the way to describe her business relationship with her so many overwhelmingly pleased new and returning framing clients.

She is able to sense and consistently deliver the combination of what clients want, and need. Her prices are just one part of the reason why so many enjoy the benefits of her work.


20 years of experience

What our customers say..

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"Ika's framing is of the highest quality. My family photos look great thanks to her professional mounting and framing. From frame selection to layout, her eye for the picture will make your dearest treasures look their best.."

Steven D

Avon, CT
March 12, 2018


"I found the framing process to be extremely simple and well managed. The quality of materials as well as the focus on detail made this framing work look spectacular!"

Mark S

Farmington, CT
February 2, 2018